The Stratton Family of North Carolina 

In 2001 the Stratton Family were struggling to recover from economic problems caused by the theft of the earth moving equipment which was the main capital for Jack Stratton's contracting business.  They were proud people, determined to stand on their own feet, solve their own problems.  

Their beloved children were happy, well cared for, and the entire focus of the lives of both parents.  Home schooled, they grew much of their own food.  Their family was close, the children learning to be good Christians and good people with values earlier generations would have understood.  

Why would Child Protective Services have driving up with a swat team and threatened to break down their door?  How could this happen?

The answer is money and greed.  

This site serves two purposes. It is a meeting place, reaching out to children who have lost their foundations, their history, and their true family.  They lost both each other and their parents, the things which anchor us in time and place.  This is the path to home.

This site is also a loud NO to a system which converts children into money in the pockets of corrupt courts, corrupt public officials, and others who prey on families across the country.  
The Stratton Family of North Carolina