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From: Rhino Times

 Sept. 26, 2002  by Allison Hart

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A Charlotte couple who has been fighting for nearly two years to regain custody of their 10 children from the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services (DSS) could be thrown in jail if a district court judge finds them to be in contempt of court after a hearing tomorrow.

Jack and Kathy Stratton will appear in a Mecklenburg County district courtroom Friday afternoon, Sept. 27, on charges they owe $4.05 in child support payments and failed to produce tax documents verifying their income after a July 12 hearing.

Previous attempts by the media to attend some of the Strattons’ hearings have been denied by the courts. The Rhinoceros Times has retained Attorney Jon Buchan to file appropriate motions to object should anyone move to close the Sept. 27 hearing. Another closed hearing wouldn’t be a surprise to Jack Stratton. From the very beginning, he said, the courts and the DSS have tried to keep the case a buried secret. The Rhinoceros Times thinks there has already been enough secrecy surrounding the Stratton case.

DSS officials removed the Stratton children from their parents’ home in January 2001 and reported that Jack and Kathy Stratton neglected their children.

After the couple claimed to have met DSS requirements to regain custody of their children, the agency continued to hold the children while issuing new requirements.

On October 16, 2001, Jack Stratton said the court verbally ordered them to pay child support while their children were in DSS custody. But Jack Stratton said neither his attorney at the time, nor his wife’s attorney, received a copy of the order. Jack said he went to the courthouse to search for the order in his file, but a clerk would not allow him to view the file. State statutes regarding juvenile cases where the parents are accused of abuse or neglect prohibit public viewing of case files without a judge’s approval. Not even parents can view the files of their own children. Jack Stratton said his current attorney, who took over the case in November 2001, also searched for the order, but could not locate it.  MORE

10 children of Jack and Kathy Stratton
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                                       Jack Stratton

THE LIES TOLD BY THE COUNTY AND THEIR CO-CONSPIRATORS "Jack and Kathy Stratton’s ten children–Spencer (17), Isaiah (15), Solomon (11), Tanna (10), Rachel (8), Simon (6), Michelle (5), Maria (4), Stephanie (3), and Leah (1)–were removed from their home by social services due to neglect. The children lacked adequate food and medical care–the Strattons practiced homebirth and never took their children to see a doctor. All the children were homeschooled."

BECAUSE OF THESE LIES - AFTER FULFILLING ALL CONDITIONS REQUIRED TO HAVE THEIR CHILDREN RETURNED THEIR RIGHTS WERE SEVERED  The Strattons continue to wage a legal battle with the state  even after Jack Stratton’s death in 2011."

Date: January 30, 2001
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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