The Stratton Family of North Carolina 

The Stratton's World is still their children.  
Baby Stephanie at eight months with Mom.
Solomon up in a tree, playing. 
Maria, 2 years old.
Simon, fourth son, at age 4. 1998.
Simon, 4,  making scrunchy face, Maria behind him, 2, Michelle beside her, age 3,  , about 2, Tanna, 8, Isaiah, age 14. 
​Tanna, 8, Michelle, front, age 3, Solomon, age 10, and Rachael, leaning on car, 6.
Michelle, age 5, finger in mouth, Maria on trike, age 3. 
Isiah, age 14, Tanna, 8, Solomon, 10, Beside him is Rachael, 6,  Simon with his head down, and Michelle, 3 at the right. 
Spencer, age 14, Tanna making face, Mom is holding Maria, under a year, Isiah, age 12.
Isiah, 14, Solomon, 10, hugging Tanna, Rachael posing as always, Simon, 4, little Maria, two years old.
Solomon, aged 4 with sister Tanna, aged 2, at Grandma's house. 
Solomon doing the Pool Dance, Isiah, aged 7.  Warm summer's day..
Rachael dancing for happiness, age 6, with Maria, age 2.
Tanna, age 8, hugging her sister, Rachael, age 6.
Spencer, returned home, with his father. 
Spencer with his mother, Kathy.
Solomon in poole, front, Spencer behind him, right, and Isiah to the left.  A wonderful summer day in the pool.